Itinéraires d'un Gourmand UK

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Edité par Adfields UK

“Here are some true itineraries of a gourmet who recommends the discovery of these wonderful restaurants, transmitting their regional culinary heritage. This magazine makes us travel across France, in particular towards the charm of the Loire Valley, our valley of the kings, and the art of living in Provence with the French Riviera’s blue sky and the Mediterranean. These two regions are united by the quality of the sites that makes them internationally renowned. We find commonalities in the vineyards and in the greatest products that make our sunny and convivial cuisines charming and interesting. ‘Itinéraires d’un Gourmand’ is also a true guide that leads us to new highly personalised discoveries where the value of the masters of the house, the artisans, the winemakers, the producers offer their wonderful recognised specialties, their welcome as well as their happiness to share.”

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